I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t written in quite a while. 

I finished the mohair jacket and I’ve actually worn it to work already. I ordered a dressform from JoAnn’s so I’ll be taking a picture of the jacket (on the dressform) when that finally arrives.

Meanwhile, holidays and birthdays are coming and I’m in a knitting frenzy!!!   I love this time of year.  Lots of knitting opportunities.  I’ve got several projects on needles and I’m working on everything in parallel.  I also finished a few projects earlier in the year so I’m not as frantic as prior years.  Mostly small projects left to do.  One is for the commute, and three while watching TV.  Thanksgiving is coming giving me plenty of non-stop knitting time. 

Obviously, no pictures here until the gifts are given!!  I know that my family is now checking out my blog regularly to see projects.  Well, none of your gifts are pictured here, but I hope you’ll love the gifts and brag about them to your friends. 

After the holidays, I’ll get back to the other projects from my list and post some progress pictures.


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  1. wow you are busy knitting. 

    i am frantically trying to finish a couple projects for xmas gifts too.  it doesnt help that i was in a fog and thought next week was thanksgiving.  so i am in a crunch.  oh well it happens every year.  cant wait to see pics of your knitting projects!

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