I haven’t written in a while since I haven’t finished projects other than those samples for the classes I’ve been teaching.  I’ll be posting pictures of those items soon.  I taught basic knitting, sweater knitting and I’m scheduled to teach lace knitting.  This has been very rewarding and a fun change of pace from computer architecture and commuter knitting!

I also just got a job offer at another company so I resigned last week and I’m looking forward to taking a little time off to do some knitting and travel to Santa Fe.  If any of you out there know some good yarn shops in Santa Fe, NM please let me know.  I’m planning on making lots of stops.

I’m currently working on a jacket of my own design knitted from cuff-to-cuff with Katia’s Chic woven ribbon yarn.  It’s 50% wool so it’s going to be warm.  However, I’m knitting in the dropped loop stitch which emphasizes the ribbon yarn.  It’s cream colored with gold threaded hilights.  I’ll post some in progress pictures this week…

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