It seems like 2005 was the year of baby things.  I guess after so many years of shawls and adult items it was interesting to learn baby sizing and a chance to make lace for sweaters without it taking 2 years!

Here are pics of Natalie’s christening outfit.  I didn’t get good shots with the baby in the outfit so maybe the family will send me theirs if they got any good ones.

The designs were my own.  I love the horseshoe lace pattern and the edging pattern is one of my favorites so I put them together for the blanket and then used sweater wizard to use horseshoe for the sweater.  I used the Lion Brand Microspun again for these.  Completely machine washable and the softest acrylic I’ve ever used.

I also just finished a pair of socks for my father-in-law with some of the last balls of lion navy sport weight.  All packaged up and just about to send them off for his birthday.

My knitting group has invited me to teach the beaded crochet techniques so I’m hoping to take pictures of the groups progress next month to post up here.  Beading was also a big thing for me in 2005 and given my now overwhelming bead stash, it probably will be for 2006 as well!

Due to the Christening being so close to Christmas in December, I really didn’t get a chance to make any gifts for the holidays except for a bracelet I made for my sister, knitted with silver wire and garnet beads similar to the one earlier this year. 

I’ve got several projects all going on at the same time right now. Including some tiny beaded crochet ropes which I am making earrings to match the rope necklace I made this year and man’s vest in alpaca/silk.

To play along with my knitting commute, I’ve been listening to knitting podcasts from which has interviews with some of my favorite knit designers and bloggers/authors.  These really get me in the mood.

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