Knitting with Ribbon is very Cool!

I started knitting with Ribbon this year also.

Here are two summer tops which I made from Ribbon


The sleeveless top is my own design made with nylon Crystal Palace Deco Stardust Ribbon in Aqua. This project was a nightmare.  I did not wash my swatch before knitting the tank and it shrunk during my first day wearing it to the office.  I had no idea that it would shrink when wet.  Glad that I was wearing a jacket!  Any way, I picked up along the bottom and added 3 rows of Garter Stitch and a few sections of Drop Stitch and I think it still looks pretty good…





IMG_0079This other top, is made with cotton Schachenmayr Nomotta Scaletta from Inspiration 75.  The pattern is actually designed for long sleeve, however, I wanted to wear it under  a jacket for the office.  This Cotton Railroad ribbon is really soft and currently discontinued.  I bought a ton of it in 3 different colors from a while ago. 






I have aquired lots of ribbon yarns in my stash and I have been frustrated with how few good books are out there with Garment patterns for ribbon yarns.  Usually I see poncho, shawls and bag patterns.  Ribbon Knits by Judi Alweil has some nice sweaters I might actually feel confortable wearing to the office!  Other patterns for Colinette Giotto are nice also. 



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