Knitting from Stash 2007

After reading Wendy’s manifesto for 2007 to knit only from your stash for 2007.  I’ve decided to take the challenge.

My alterations to the manifesto:

  • Instead of ending for Stitches East – I’ll stop for Rhinebeck.  (got to get fiber and yarn there as there were many more choices, see the podcast episodes that show you the difference between Stitches East vs Rhinebeck)

  • I will not however follow the “sock yarn doesn’t count rule” as my stash sock yarn alone could have me knitting until the end of the year. 

  • Don’t count the Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock club – (already means that I’m getting some new yarn every month and I joined the club before the resolution)

  • Don’t count handspun, however, must take from my already enormous fiber stash!  No more fiber aquisition.  (Doesn’t count the stuff I ordered that’s already on its way to me).  Just got my e-spinner so there’s enough to come out of that.

  • If yarn is required for a segment of Lets Knit2gether Video Podcast that is not in my stash, then this is allowed, however, there is certainly plenty of show ideas that can be found just from my stash.

  • Must complete current UFOs instead of frogging for yarn.

Knowing how bad I am at stash reduction (see An Open Letter to My Stash), I think I will reach out to my audience to help me stick to this resolution.  What do you think?  Do you consider this impossible too?  This will definitely be difficult for me.

Currently on my needles as of 2007:

  • Islandic knit sweater in Charcoal and Ecru Lopi – bottom up, in the round with a stranded knitted waist and yoke.  It’s looking good, I think I’m going to make the body shorter than the pattern suggests because I don’t think I want it too far below my waistband.  This is for an upcoming podcast episode so no pictures will be posted until the show is done.

  • Lace Socks from Not Just More Socks using Trekking XXL yarn in a pretty pink, blue and purple stripe.  Nearly done with the first sock, pictures will be posted after the second sock is done.

  • Still working on Clapotis, Silk lace Shell from the UFO bin.