This is my second attempt at writing this blog entry, since last week my computer died right in the middle of writing it.

So, my progress so far on my Knitting from Stash manifesto:

I haven’t bought any yarn since December 31st, 2006.

Are you amazed?  Well don’t be.  I’ve been buying roving and fiber as if its going out of style.  I’ve been shopping on, Paradise Fibers, and even ebay.  I’m not even finding enough time to do much spinning.  The most spinning I’ve done has been for the two part episode on spinning which we are pulling together right now. 

I have been knitting.  In fact I picked up my Icarus shawl again.  This picture was taken a while ago, I’ve made more progress, but haven’t taken pictures.  I’m making it with Fleece Artist Hand Maiden Silk/Cashmere in the Cornflower colorway.  It’s coming along rather nicely and it’s incredibly soft.



I also have been knitting from the oldest ball of yarn (an acrylic 1lb ball) to create a set of swatches for the upcoming lace show and cable show.  I’m eventually going to turn the squares into a baby blanket for Nick and Patty’s newest arrival due in April.  Real destashing!

I put my Clapotis aside because I was so board with it and since it’s in fall colors I’ll pick it back up again later.   I’m on the “straight” part and have another 8″ to go before decreasing.

Our upcoming Spinning for Knitters two part episode is going to be a lot of fun.  It’s more of a personal story with a smattering of demonstrations.


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