Hey look! It’s Vickie Howell!

So I had a chance to run by The Point NYC yesterday and got to meet up with Vickie Howell from Kntty Gritty.
These are shots from my Camera phone.. (not great)


She was great to listen to especially around how they shoot the show, get ideas and how she was discovered.  

I finally complete my Trekking lace socks and Mom has now opened them so here’s a pic:




Free Pattern: Beaded Knit Bag (eyeglass case)


Folks have asked for the pattern to the beaded bag which I designed myself, so I thought, I would offer it to others.



Rowan Lurex Shimmer – Bronze

400-500 size 8 pearl seed beads

Size US 2 needles


String about 100 beads at a time. When you come to the end of a row and are nearing the end of the beads, clip the yarn about 2-3″ and string 100 more beads and start with the new end.  Putting too many beads at one time on the yarn will cause it to fray and weaken.


Start with casting on about 50 stitches on US size 2-3

Knit 2 rows plain.

Row 3: K1, (slip a bead, k2)repeat until last stitch, K1

Row 4: K all stitches

Row 5: K2, (slip a bead, k2)

Row 5: K all stitches

Repeat rows 3-6 until the work is approximately 6″

Repeat beading pattern and at the same time decrease 1 stitch each side on the beaded rows until approx. 10 stitches remain or desired length.

K2 rows plain.

Bind off all stitches.


Fold the purse in 3rds and sew side seam.

You should probably line the bag and place cardboard between the lining and the bag.  In my example, I still haven’t done that yet.