How could I forget it?

Yesterday I was not paying attention when I left the house for work.  I forgot my knitting!  I was nearly done with the foot of my second sock with Cascade fixation and thought I could finish it on my commute but I left it sitting on the couch! 

On top of this, what was I going to do with my hands for an hour and a half in the morning and again in the evening?  So at lunch time, I took the subway up to 79th street and stopped in at Knitty City to say “hi” to Pearl Chin and buy me some yarn to have a project on my way home. (and then some!)

This was the project I got started. 

SWTC Tofutsies – 50% Superwash Wool, 25% SoySilk, 22.5% Cotton, and 2.5 %Chitin. ( Crab and shrimp shells) It’s a fairly fine sock yarn so I’m doing magic loop on size 0.  Oh, and I used yet another toe up cast on…


I Finished It!


After several spinning sessions, plying and washing here are my 3 skeins of yarn which I spun from Miss Lime’s SpringTime Handpainted Roving which I bought from the LimenViolet etsy shop back in November.

I had finished spinning the singles from her roving a while ago, but I struggled with what to ply with.  I finally decided on a silk merino blend in a slightly lighter color than the first singles and then I plyed the two strands together.  There are a few really puffy spots, but the majority of it is pretty consistent.  Total it’s about 12 oz. and maybe around 800 yards in what looks like a dk weight.   Only my second yarn on the e-spinner and I think I’m improving!

Meanwhile this is what’s spinning up right now


This is the soysilk fiber pictured in my last entry.  Aren’t the colors just gorgeous!  I think I’m going to ply it with itself when I’m done with the singles. 




As usual my blogging has been suffering because of all the other stuff I’ve been doing.

I just snapped a few pictures before my camera battery died and it turns out all but one of the pics I took were out of focus. 


(I used a flash with this one.  I don’t know why I listen to Eric when he tells me not to use flash.  It seems to work better with it)

Do you wonder what it is? 

It is my handspun yarn!.  A bulky weight 2 ply Targhee wool yarn in a lovely off-white which was spun on my Fricke e-spinner.  I got 2 pounds of this fiber free with my e-spinner and this was only the first eight ounces of it.  I was truly surprised at how much it fluffed up after washing to set the twist.  It’s about 300 yards.  I have this handpainted targhee wool fiber from in Tamarak and Spruce colorway which I’m going to spin up fairly soon to make a top down yoke sweater.  It will make a great fall sweater.


When I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last week, I picked up some fiber .  Most of that you’ll see in the podcast.  However, I got this beautiful soysilk from Serendipity Farm and Studio which I think I’m going to try and spin up next.  I want to experiment with trying different fibers before trying to push myself into creating a knitted project with my yarns.


Isn’t this color just beautiful!  8 ounces should make a lovely shawl or wrap.

On the needles: Toe up Socks in Cascade Fixation (Cotton for the Floridians in the family)