Soysilk Continued

Here it is, all dry and in a skein.  600 yards of what seems to be between DK and worsted weight.


Here is the candleflame scarf in progress.


Check out for progress on my latest spinning project.


My Soysilk Spinning Nightmare

I can bring myself now to write about this experience now that the object of this entry is quietly soaking in hot water.  Of course there’s always the opportunity for mishap after the soak as well……

So where did we leave off last time?

Oh yeah, here’s the roving and the start of bobbin #1


This is the full spun singles bobbin #1.  It was quite difficult for me to adjust to spinning soysilk.  I probably should have stuck with wool for another few spinning sessions before jumping into something different.  It really required concentration to make sure it didn’t overspin.


Unfortuneatly, I did not split the roving equally because I thought I would ply it with something else.  However, to my frustration, I couldn’t find what I liked.  Then the second bobbin was only about 30% the size of the first bobbin.  I decided to ply them together.

My stupidity started at this point. 


After completely plying one full bobbin and getting to the end of singles bobbin #2, I attempted to make a center pull ball from what remained on bobbin #1 and ply from both ends. 



All that happened was a knotted up mess that ended up falling in on itself and leaving me with nothing but tears…..

So I stopped plying and loaded the first bobbin onto a kniddy knoddy.


You can’t tell due to the blurriness from my shaking hands, that this looks incredibly beautiful. 

Then I started loading the second kniddy knoddy and realized that I had several twists, which I then tried to undo while the rest was already loaded and then everything I loaded slipped right off and onto the floor….

This is what was left of kniddy knoddy #2


Again the shakiness …..

How will this end?  Check back next time after it’s dry..