Getting back to an old yarn

Back in June I started on the Spunstitches KAL and decided to spin this lovely fiber from CJ Kopec Creations


on my Fricke e-spinner


I’ve just now plied to create this



We’ll see what it inspires me to make…any ideas for a shawl pattern that this would be good for?  I was thinking about this Peacock Feathers Shawl or this Angel Lace Shawl

Rhinebeck was a blast!

I’m still struck by the community of knitters who came out in force at the NYS Sheep and Wool festival this past weekend.  It turned out to be like a reunion of like minded folks hooking up to share in the awesome surroundings of yarn, fiber and foliage on a beautiful unseasonably warm weekend.

Eric and I attended again this year with camera and mic in hand to try and capture the spirit of the event and something happened that was really different than last year.  We were recognized everywhere we went.  It was really quite surprising to us both.  It was so cool to meet people who watch the show because until this weekend, the audience was just a few comments and emails and stats on a webpage.  Now, we have met you all face to face and hear about how our show inspired you to go to Rhinebeck or try a new knitting technique.  Thanks for stopping us to say “hi”, we really appreciated it! 

Keep an eye out on LetsKnit2gether or subscribe for what looks to be a multipart episode from our trip!

During the weekend:

I was a square


I aquired all this stuff


and won this


Heartland Shawl Done!


Here it is!  Blocking on a sheet in my living room in all it’s beauty.  After 5 weeks of spinning and knitting I’ve finished it and now I need to decide whether to enter it in competition or just wear it at Rhinebeck.

Some closeups


I love the weight of the yarn (between sport and DK) and the rich color of the natural bison is just amazing.  (These pictures are a much better example of the color than the prior posts)

What do you think, should I enter it in the competition?

When will there be Knitting Weather in NY?

I can’t believe this crazy weather!  Yesterday it was 88 degrees(F) in NYC and it was so bazaar to watch ice skaters in Rockefeller Center in tank tops and shorts!
No new pics today as I’m currently doing the stretchy bindoff on the Heartland shawl and I’ll be blocking tonight.   I’ll post pictures after that.  I’m waiting until after it blocks to decide whether I will enter it in competition or just wear it at the festival

Speaking of festival, Eric and I will be at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival on October 20-21st and we’ll be meeting folks at 3:00 Saturday by the picnic tables near building A.. Come by and see us if you’ll be there!  We’ll be shooting as well so if you want to be in the show, stop by!

Need to Spin more Buffalo

After flying back and forth twice to California, first for an E 2.0 conference and then to present with Eric at NewMediaExpo, I had 20 hours of pure knitting time.

Here’s what I’ve got now:


I finished 4 repeats of the Bison tracks lace pattern and now I’m going to start the edging pattern.  While I was on the train this morning, I ran out of the yarn I’d spun so my commute will be spent spinning another ball!

18 days and counting!