Heartland Shawl Done!


Here it is!  Blocking on a sheet in my living room in all it’s beauty.  After 5 weeks of spinning and knitting I’ve finished it and now I need to decide whether to enter it in competition or just wear it at Rhinebeck.

Some closeups


I love the weight of the yarn (between sport and DK) and the rich color of the natural bison is just amazing.  (These pictures are a much better example of the color than the prior posts)

What do you think, should I enter it in the competition?

3 thoughts on “Heartland Shawl Done!”

  1. Oh, *heck* yeah! This is simply spectacular. And the fact that it’s something you just sorta did ‘on the side’ after working and while communting and in five weeks of spare time? Spinning AND lace knitting? Best of Show, in my book.

  2. Definitely enter it!! It’s absolutely gorgeous! And just think by entering it, you can wear something else to show off! (It’s a win-win situation.)

    9 more days until Rhinebeck!

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