2008 Knitting Resolutions

Now that the gifts have all been opened.  Here are pics of the remaining gifts which I made this Christmas:


These are a pair of socks for my Mom made with Cotton Cascade Fixation.  They were my first toe up socks.


This is a pair of Buffalo socks which I made for my Father-in-Law.   I created the pattern with sock wizard, again toe up.


I made one more pair of socks for my Sister-in-law, .  It’s the Milanese pattern from Magknits.com.  Another toe up pattern.  These were made with Tofuties yarn.

So now that the holidays are over, it’s time to look forward toward 2008.  If you recall, last year I set out with the resolution to Knit from my Stash until Rhinebeck

As a somewhat experienced knitter and collector of yarn, this wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be except for the fact that I had just started spinning and every fiber seemed to be something I wanted when I wasn’t buying yarn. So now my fiber stash and spinning supplies are taking over for the yarn which I didn’t spend time buying. Had I known that I would only replace one vice with another, I probably wouldn’t have set out the year the way I did.

So this year, I’m trying something new. I’m putting down resolutions to “do” something instead of something“not do”.  Like “eat healthy” instead of “diet”.

Here is my starting list: 

  1. Knit for Charity from my stash.  One thing a month, whether a square for an afghan or a cap, etc.  It doesn’t matter as long as I create something for charity.

  2. Spin my stash and create yarns I would like to knit with.  Otherwise, donate or sell.

  3. Finish at least 2 UFOs in 2008 (not counting current WIPs), Not a very far reaching goal but I really want to finish my Icarus this summer and that Lopi sweater before it gets warm again.

  4. Knit for Birthdays and not get hung up about Christmas.  It spreads out the giving and knitting over time instead of mad rush for Christmas.  Plus, the gifts don’t have to only be winter things!

  5. Join more online knitting discussions to engage with other knitters and help others

  6. Get more in tune with LetsKnit2gether audience to promote and encourage knitting as an art form.

  7. Get episodes out more regularly.

What are yours?

Best Wishes to all for a Happy and healthy new year!

Spinning a Cobweb of Lace

From June until October this year, I spun my very first laceweight yarn on my Fricke e-spinner.  A lovely purple, green black blend.  Each single spun at 39wpi.  When plyed it , it was between lace and fingering weight. 
My estimate was 1227 yards when I decided to stoped, having completed spinning 8 oz of wool. 


Too much for a triangle and probably not enough for a square.  When I perused Ravelry for my queued shawls, I saw Lacefreaks completed Bouandary Waters Shawl and my mouth started watering over the thought of knitting this shawl with my stormy water colored yarn.  I even found beads to go so well with an Aurora Borialis finish for sparkle.

But I’d only spun 1227 yards and I was really tired of spinning it.  Spinning laceweight seems to go on and on forever…

Lacefreak reminded my “you can always spin more”.  I do have 8 oz more so if I can deal with going back to spinning, I’ll be able to finish it.

So I gave in and cast on.  I forgot how much I dislike starting a square shawl from the center.  The double points always slip out and I stupidly cast on while on the airplane headed to a conference in Las Vegas.  On top of that, I brought the wrong size crochet hook to slip the beads on.  So when it got the the point where I’d add the bead, I would tense up hoping that I wouldn’t break the yarn that I’d spent so much time spinning.  After a few hours, I neared the point that I needed to move to a circular.


Of course I should have been working on Holiday gift projects.  I decided before leaving on this trip that I was going to be gifting whatever I got done and not worry about finishing something for everyone.  All in all, I did well.  I got 5 gifts completed.

Here’s two that were already opened, so I’m not giving anything away:

IMG_0411 (2)IMG_0420

The socks are a plain stockinette stitch knit with Opal Tiger stripe which I made for my sister.  I thought these were adorable and plan to make a pair for myself.  The “pet” sweater was from Men who Knit and the Dogs that Love them.  I made it with some leftover Lion Brand Homespun.  This was a special request from my sister for her cat Juliet.  Do cat’s really wear sweaters?  I doubt it.

As the others get opened, I’ll post them here.  Otherwise, they’re posted on ravelry.

Happy Holidays to all!!!