Spinning a Cobweb of Lace

From June until October this year, I spun my very first laceweight yarn on my Fricke e-spinner.  A lovely purple, green black blend.  Each single spun at 39wpi.  When plyed it , it was between lace and fingering weight. 
My estimate was 1227 yards when I decided to stoped, having completed spinning 8 oz of wool. 


Too much for a triangle and probably not enough for a square.  When I perused Ravelry for my queued shawls, I saw Lacefreaks completed Bouandary Waters Shawl and my mouth started watering over the thought of knitting this shawl with my stormy water colored yarn.  I even found beads to go so well with an Aurora Borialis finish for sparkle.

But I’d only spun 1227 yards and I was really tired of spinning it.  Spinning laceweight seems to go on and on forever…

Lacefreak reminded my “you can always spin more”.  I do have 8 oz more so if I can deal with going back to spinning, I’ll be able to finish it.

So I gave in and cast on.  I forgot how much I dislike starting a square shawl from the center.  The double points always slip out and I stupidly cast on while on the airplane headed to a conference in Las Vegas.  On top of that, I brought the wrong size crochet hook to slip the beads on.  So when it got the the point where I’d add the bead, I would tense up hoping that I wouldn’t break the yarn that I’d spent so much time spinning.  After a few hours, I neared the point that I needed to move to a circular.


Of course I should have been working on Holiday gift projects.  I decided before leaving on this trip that I was going to be gifting whatever I got done and not worry about finishing something for everyone.  All in all, I did well.  I got 5 gifts completed.

Here’s two that were already opened, so I’m not giving anything away:

IMG_0411 (2)IMG_0420

The socks are a plain stockinette stitch knit with Opal Tiger stripe which I made for my sister.  I thought these were adorable and plan to make a pair for myself.  The “pet” sweater was from Men who Knit and the Dogs that Love them.  I made it with some leftover Lion Brand Homespun.  This was a special request from my sister for her cat Juliet.  Do cat’s really wear sweaters?  I doubt it.

As the others get opened, I’ll post them here.  Otherwise, they’re posted on ravelry.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

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