Making some progress in 2008

Happy New Year!


I started knitting these during Thanksgiving week, but then I put them aside to get work done on holiday gifts.  These are from the book Selbuvotter by Terri Shea.  I’ve done the cuff from Annemore #7, the hand from NHM #7 and I’ll do the thumb from NHM #9.  I’m knitting these using Knitpicks Palette.  I recently purchased some Norwegion yarn that I think I’ll use for the next pair since the Palette splits too much with these size 0 needles. 

It’s been a while since I’d done any stranded knitting so I didn’t really do well with these until 1/2 way up the first mitten.  I think I missed the first 2 M1 at the start of each side until later into the thumb gusset.  We’ll see how they come out.

The weather is supposed to get down into the teens tonight, only wish that I’d finished the mittens before tonght so that I could wear them!

I also started the FanaTuft mittens from Folk Mittens.  I’m using Pattons Classic wool in soft blue and white with Cashmere for the Tufts.  Tufts are the way you attach wool fiber or yarn as a way of adding a lining to the mitten.  I had to frog them and start over because they were coming out way too big.  I’ll post a picture when I make more progress. 

I’ve also been spinning more of the camel/silk, seen here in this photo on top


I’m swatching now to knit Evelyn Clarks Angel Lace Shawl.  This is spinning up to be a very fine laceweight.  I’m using my .90 oz Golding Psunami spindle.

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