Fana anyone?


So after frogging the Fana Tuft Mittens from the book Folk Mittens  (Thanks Mom & Dad for the Christmas gift!) because they were too big, I managed to get the body of the first mitten done and the cuff of the second in only a few hours.  I altered the pattern to be more like the traditional Mitten pattern in the beginning of the book to size for Children’s size large.  This adjusted the cast on to 40 stitches and reduced the thumb gore to only increase 14 stitches over 14 rows.  I also altered the decreases at the top to do the 3 point instead of 4 point decreases.

Where you see the white “lice” are the stitches where the cashmere roving is attached to the mitten.  I think I may not have attached even amounts because the mitten is kind of bulging is some spots, but I’m playing it by ear.  The black yarn is holding the thumb stitches in preparation for picking up.  I’m going to finish the body of the second mitten before doing thumbs.

I also lined up the projects which I will be active on for a while, once I finish the Fana Tuft Mittens and the Selbuvotter:

Boundary Waters Shawl (Commute)
Gedifra Lordana Boucle Jacket (Home)
Angel Lace Shawl  (Spinning & Knitting) (Home)

Later today we’ll be have a Skype video session with Eric’s family upstate.  I hope this works because my neices grow up so fast, we’re missing a lot and the video is a way to keep up with how they’re all doing.

BTW, if there are any other knitter/Skype folks out there, I’m letsknit2gether.

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